John Paul San Pedro Design


Whether you are getting out of bed in the morning, stepping foot into your office, or entering your favorite coffee shop.. and in that moment you feel a positive and inspiring outlook because of what you see visually.. then the designer has done their job.

My design logic is simple in that I want to provide the client with a space that functions efficiently and is equally stylish, and in turn inspires a more enjoyable lifestyle.

As a designer I enjoy producing in all styles mixed with a modern touch and period influences. A mix of old and new. Often creating in the "less is more" principle, I like to have few accessories that are unique and special and let the more essential furnishings transcend the overall design.

It is my commitment to not just design a space, but design a lifestyle. 

The Journey:

John-Paul San Pedro, born in the heart of Hollywood, has always been drawn to the arts. In his younger years he excelled in geometry. It was the one subject that inspired him in his discovery for design.

He attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) in Los Angeles and attained a degree in Visual and Graphic Design. John-Paul worked at a firm in Santa Monica until his path took a turn. Throughout his studies he fell in love with street dance. There was a rhythmic pattern that drew John-Paul to dance. It was abstract in the way the body creates shapes through movement. It was in a sense to him, moving geometry. John-Paul was scouted by the top Los Angeles talent agency, Clear Talent Group and shortly after was sent on his first audition for the Sony Motion Picture "You Got Served." 

He attended and booked the job as a featured dancer. Soon after he left his job at the firm and was on his way to becoming an artist of movement.

John-Paul was one of the most sought out dancers in the industry (acquiring his stage nickname JP) touring with icons Janet Jackson and Britney Spears. In addition he has also danced with artists Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Neyo, Usher, Miley Cyrus to name a few. JP has appeared on TV’s hit shows Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, X factor, Grammys, American Billboard Awards, MTV Music Awards, Glee and more. However his art of dance came through in his choreography, teaching workshops all over the map from Iceland to France to the Philippines; students and dancers were able to dance his creations. He went on to choreographing for projects including selected work for the U.S./Asian Pop star industry.




Through his world tours with these music artists, John-Paul studied the architecture and beauty of the world. He took note to the amazing hotels he would stay in and their interior design. All of which brought him back to his design roots. Everything he experienced, from the visuals, the culture, to the local artisans, needed to be translated and shared somehow from his own point of view.

Upon returning to his studio in Los Angeles after close to 6 years of traveling, John-Paul was inspired to create again and a rebirth of his passion for design was in motion. He started painting and working at his craft.

Turning point:

Because of this new found passion for Interior Design through his travels, John-Paul also free lanced in creating spaces. He saw space as an empty canvas.

He then realized it was all connected, design, movement, art, and dance. There was something to be said with his point of view, his movement of art.

Through the process, home furnishing staple West Elm had taken notice to his work and featured John-Paul and his 20 piece art collection. It was a great event because it integrated both his worlds of art and interior design.

John-Paul continues to style and design interiors. With the success of his noted designed spaces and feature with West Elm, he opened his Etsy shop that he hopes will reach art enthusiasts beyond Los Angeles.